I am a software developer in Springfield, MO, USA. You are probably most interested in my gitlab, though you can also view links to my current projects on gitlab.

I have been programming since around age 13 and have known that I wanted to be a Software Developer since shortly thereafter. Over the years I have gained experience in various languages including BASIC, C, Common Lisp, Python, Ruby, Javascript, and Clojure.

My favorite family of languages is the Lisp Family. Unfortunately, it is hard (relatively speaking) to get a job programming Lisp. My day jobs usually involve Ruby (almost a Lisp) and Javascript with a focus on web development. In my free-time I tend to program in Common Lisp, despite Clojure being the current mainstream Lisp. This site is, in fact, statically generated by Common Lisp as you can see on the gitlab repo.

If you are interested in my thoughts on programming and life in general see my Blog, updated whenever I feel like writing.

The best way to contact me is by email or Twitter.